How to make…a fondant rose

13 Oct

The rose looks complex, but it’s really very simple to make! Here is how I did it:

First, most of opening speech from the last two tutorials still applies: I used Wilton’s fondant in white, and Wilton’s icing coloring to tint it.  This time you won’t need anything but your fondant, your coloring, and your hands (and a knife, briefly, at the very end). It’s also a good idea to have a container with a lid or a zip-lock bag handy for any fondant that you aren’t using, because it will dry out if you leave it exposed for more than a few minutes.  It’s also important to make sure that your hands and your work surface are clean and completely free of lint or crumbs–any bit of dust will stick to your fondant and look vile.

Start by coloring your fondant–you’ll want a bigger piece than you used for your books, but not too much bigger.  You can use any color you like, but I chose pink because the enchanted rose in the film is pink (and because the coloring was handy).  I thought that the shade was a little bright, though, so I added just a drop of blue coloring to tone it down.  Once your color is worked into your fondant, pinch off a tiny piece–

Roll this piece into a short, fat snake, then gently flatten one end and roll it again to form your inner petal.  The rest of the rose will be built around this–

Pinch off another small piece of fondant (you are remembering to put the lid back on your fondant in between petals, right? if you don’t then it will start to get dry before you’re finished!) and make a petal shape by rolling it into a ball, setting it on your work surface, and gently flattening one side.  You want a rounded triangle shape that’s thicker at the base and thinner on the outer edges–

Gently wrap this petal around your center, letting the wider edge curve back–if the outer edge of your petal flops over instead of curving gently then the fondant is too thin. Just peel it off and start over with a slightly thicker petal–

…wash, rinse, repeat.  You’ll want to start making your petals a little bigger, and just keep adding them around the center until your rose is as big as you want it to be–

Now, if you have your cupcakes ready to go then you could stick this rose into a cloud of frosting and be ready to party, but I made my roses about a week in advance and they needed to sit in a container all that time (I left the lid off so that they would harden and be easier to handle when I put them on the cupcakes).  So I trimmed the bottom of the rose to give it a flat surface–

And voila! You have everything you need for the tops of your cupcakes.

…but what about the rest of the cupcake, you ask?  Be watching for tutorials on fancy cupcake wrappers!


3 Responses to “How to make…a fondant rose”

  1. Melody October 14, 2010 at 3:16 am #

    I’m looking forward to the tutorial on stained glass cookies!


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