Swap Package: The Hobbit

27 May

I’ve mentioned before that I participate in a Folklore & Fairy Tales group on Ravelry, and that we do seasonal package swaps, which I always love! My last package had an owl theme, inspired by my swappee’s screenname.  This time, however, our seasonal discussion and knit-a-long topic was The Hobbit. As you may have noticed, Tolkien is one of my favorite things, so I enjoyed putting this package together.

Here is the package! ...except that those three copies of The Hobbit? Those are all mine. They're just in the picture to hold other things up in an aesthetically pleasing fashion. Yes, it is necessary for me to have three different copies of The Hobbit, why do you ask?

My first idea for the theme of the package was for it to be a collection of the things that got left behind during Bilbo’s journey–the buttons he lost while escaping from goblins, a handkerchief he probably dropped, etc. Then things just sort of…rolled along, and before I knew it I was writing a letter under the name of Thistle Took (yes I gave myself a hobbit name, because I am cool), a hobbit historian researching the history of Bilbo’s journey in order to write a book about him, and sending some of the artifacts she’d collected to be housed in a museum of local history in the Shire.

The artifacts are:

-Bilbo’s lost buttons

-Bilbo’s lost handkerchief (embroidered with his monogram by me)

-the silver tassel from Thorin’s hood (I couldn’t find a silver tassel, so I made my own)

-a crown of elf flowers that will not fade from Rivendell (made by me)

-a copy of Thorin’s map (…printed out by me)

-a silver pony charm (I didn’t make this one, but I did make up a story about it! If you’ve read The Hobbit then you may have noticed that Bilbo and the dwarves manage to go through several sets of ponies in the course of their journey. They start out with ponies, lose them all, borrow ponies and are (wisely) compelled to return them, borrow more ponies and lose most of them–being a dwarf’s pony is not a safe position at all.  Surely, I thought, people would have given the dwarves grief about their inability to keep ponies–a little gentle teasing. Surely. So I decided, and Thistle Took recorded in her letter, that among the people of Dale something that was likely to be lost or broken was often called a ‘dwarf pony’, and that charms like this one would be attached to protect whatever the object was from its fate of certain destruction.  It makes perfect sense to me!)

-wooden dolls representing the dwarves and Bilbo Baggins, a popular children’s toy among the people of Dale (made by me!)

The dwarves and Bilbo in their box

The dolls are my favorite thing. I am so happy with the way that they turned out!  They’re very simple, but I think they’re very cute, and fat Bombur is so adorable that I might just die.

Thorin Oakenshield & Co., plus Bilbo Baggins (burglar)

The dwarves can be identified by the colors of their hoods as follows:

Thorin – sky blue with a large silver tassel

Dwalin – dark green hood

Balin – red

Kili – blue

Fili – blue

Dori – purple

Nori – purple

Oin – grey

Gloin – brown

Bifur – yellow

Bofur – yellow

Bombur – pale green

Ori- grey

Bilbo, of course, had to borrow a dark green cloak, and has no beard.


5 Responses to “Swap Package: The Hobbit”

  1. Freyalyn May 27, 2011 at 7:14 am #

    Utterly, utterly perfect. This is just glorious. Love the whole idea you’ve got here. *Happy sigh*.

  2. ladyofrohan May 29, 2011 at 11:28 pm #

    That is *awesome*. No, that is beyond awesome. I love Bombur!

  3. Jess May 30, 2011 at 2:08 am #

    WOW! I wish I hadn’t been so busy with uni, I would have loved to have participated in this swap and RAL

  4. micupoftea June 28, 2011 at 7:26 am #

    *Giggle* LOVE THIS!!!!!!! DId not see this on my first visit as I was trying to get to all the tea parties. I adore your little set of dwarfs (Bombur cracks me up), your handkerchief, the silver charm, the post cards…what a creative idea! And you are a knitter? I am on Ravelry too, but I can only make an occasional scarf at this point. I am self taught and have nobody to show me how to make something more involved.~ I enjoyed seeing your Hobbit set. :)

    • agreyeyedgirl June 29, 2011 at 2:18 am #

      Thank you very much! :D I definitely had a lot of fun with this package.
      I am on Ravelry! My screenname there is charismitaine, but I haven’t been very active lately–it’s been a busy spring, and I’m sad to say that I haven’t been knitting at all, because I’ve been caught up in other projects! I was (well, still am, I guess) completely self taught, and I’ve found YouTube to be really helpful–at first I just watched all the videos I could find, about all kinds of different stitches, and then when I started attempting more complex projects I always looked up any directions I didn’t understand for a video. I’m a really visual learner, so it was perfect for me!
      Thanks so much for visiting <3

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