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Kaylee: A cake for a mighty fine Firefly shindig

29 Aug

Here are some shots of the Kaylee doll cake that I made for my friend Angela’s Firefly birthday party! (follow the link for tons of pictures from the party, including me dressed up as Jayne’s mother and posing with a llama ;)

She’s a vanilla sponge cake, carved into shape and then filled and covered with Swiss Meringue Buttercream. The doll came from the dollar store, and once upon a time she was a mermaid with really terrible hair–she came with a ponytail, and other than a ring of hair around the top of her head she was bald, like a monk with a tonsure! I colored the bald spot with a brown marker, then used a hot glue gun to glue her hair into place (carefully covering her scalp). Then I trimmed her hair, cutting off the ugly matted fresh-from-the-box curls and making it the right length for Kaylee, and glued on her little bow.

I’ve also made a Kaylee doll based on this dress, which I gave to Angela for Christmas/12th Night, a month after the fact :P