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The Blue Castle – Embroidered Book

4 Jul


Hey there! It’s been a long time, but I decided that this blog had been dormant long enough–besides, I actually completed a new craft project! I took my paperback copy of The Blue Castle (which had a totally irrelevant cover) and turned it into a hardback with an embroidered cloth cover. 


The embroidery took me about 12 or 15 hours (lots of episodes of Law & Order!), but it didn’t take very long at all to put the new cover on the book–a tutorial will be coming shortly!


Texas Wildflowers: A Cake

7 May

This weekend I made a cake, because my parents’ church was honoring a retiring missionary couple. I was just going to make some generic flowers, and then I thought ‘no! they’re coming from overseas to Texas! it should be a Texas cake!’ And then I spent an hour or so looking at pictures of flowers and cakes with flowers on them. I couldn’t find another cake with bluebonnets that seems satisfactory, and the more I looked at pictures of real bluebonnets the more baffled I was by the shape of their petals, so finally I winged them, because nothing is more Texan than a Texas Bluebonnet:

I made these decorations out of fondant, using just my hands and toothpicks and a knife. If you ever feel like you can’t use fondant because you don’t have special fancy tools, that’s nonsense! Flashback to your childhood Play-Doh experience and just jump in.

I also made a couple of Indian Blanket flowers, which are everywhere in Texas during the spring:

And just to drive the point home, I added Texas itself, with a heart. And this cake is also for all of you guys, because guess what?

Someone in Texas loves you!

(P.S. It is me. I love you)

Happy Pi Day!

14 Mar

…And happy birthday to Albert Einstein, and hap(pi) birthday to me! (thanks to the clever Sharon for the pun ;)

Here is my day, in pies:

A Reese’s peanut butter cup, a mini cherry pie from Starbucks, delicious chicken pot pie made by my lovely mom for dinner, and chocolate cream birthday pie, with sparkler, made by me!

I used this chocolate cream pie recipe, although I cheated and used a pre-made Oreo crust and my own recipe for whipped cream: 1 cup cream, 2 Tbs sugar, 2 tsp vanilla.

It was delicious.