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The Blue Castle – Embroidered Book

4 Jul


Hey there! It’s been a long time, but I decided that this blog had been dormant long enough–besides, I actually completed a new craft project! I took my paperback copy of The Blue Castle (which had a totally irrelevant cover) and turned it into a hardback with an embroidered cloth cover. 


The embroidery took me about 12 or 15 hours (lots of episodes of Law & Order!), but it didn’t take very long at all to put the new cover on the book–a tutorial will be coming shortly!



Elizabeth II: A Silhouette

3 Jun

Here’s a quick post for you–it’s 11:30pm on a Sunday, and I meant to post something entirely different today, but my plans were foiled by the fact that I couldn’t find the butter (the sneaky butter was hiding behind the blueberries. You know how Superman can’t see through lead? I can’t see through blueberries).

So instead I made this! You may have heard that this week was Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, and I’m an American with a lot of love for the United Kingdom and a lot of respect for Elizabeth II, so in a hasty bit of crafting I made this:

Silhouette of Elizabeth II


It’s a silhouette of Elizabeth II, cut out of black cardstock. I based it on this image, from a portrait that was taken of her in 1966–a sculpted bust based on the portrait was used on stamps. Since it’s 11:30pm I couldn’t get a very good picture, but here is one with the contrast turned up to 11, so that you can see it clearly:

Sometime in the near future I’ll be moving bedrooms (and gaining some space!) and when I do I plan to rotate all of my wall art, putting some of my pictures and posters into storage and putting up fresh things that I have been saving because I don’t have room for them. And I kind of accidentally started a collection of silhouette portraits. Ahem. I’ve always loved them, as you may remember from my tutorial, and I just happened to get several in a small space of time, from a few talented artists, so now I am apparently planning to have a silhouette wall in my new bedroom. It’ll probably be a mixture of portraits (art prints and paper cuts) from other artists, and a handful of silhouettes like this one by me.

What do you say to a queen having a Diamond Jubilee? Do you say ‘Happy Diamond Jubilee’? Or ‘Congratulations’?

How about ‘Well done, Elizabeth II’?


Recipe Mugs: A Cup of Coffee Cake & French Toast in a Mug

19 Mar

A little while ago I stumbled on a recipe at Prudent Baby for French Toast in a mug. French Toast! in a mug! It seemed too good to be true–a single perfect serving of French Toast with minimal mess? And then even better, a recipe for coffee cake in a mug! A single serving of coffee cake! in a mug!

My use of exclamation points is probably cluing you in to my state of excitement over these discoveries, but just in case I’m confusing you, let me say: I was really excited. Sometimes you just want a little bit of something, you know? Sometimes all you need is a single serving, especially if you live alone (what is a single person going to do with a whole cake? Nothing that’s decent enough to print, that’s for sure).

Naturally, I had to test the recipes. In fact I tested them twice, just to be sure that they were really good.

And guys, they are.

This is when I had my brilliant idea–what better way to keep these excellent recipes handy than to put them on mugs? I happened to have a stash of plain white mugs, and I happened to have a black Porcelaine 150 marker. It was the simplest project ever–I just wrote the recipes out on the mugs (getting a little creative to make everything fit), let them dry for a few days, then baked them to set the paint and make them dishwasher safe.

Here are my mugs, with links to the original recipes:

2-minute French Toast in a Cup at Prudent Baby

     Notes: I didn’t alter the recipe at all, except that I failed to butter the inside of my mug, which didn’t seem to hurt anything. Also in the future I don’t think I’ll make the egg mixture separately and pour it over the bread–I think I’ll just mix it in the mug, then add the bread and stir it up to coat it thoroughly.

A Cup of Coffee Cake in under 5 minutes at Prudent Baby

     Notes: I altered the recipe very slightly, adding a teaspoon of cinnamon to the cake batter part of the recipe for more oomph. Also, she mentions that it will be hot, and by this she means that it will be really hot. As in, plan to let your cup of coffee cake sit for fifteen minutes to cool before attempting to eat it. Trust me. This is the voice of experience.