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Elizabeth II: A Silhouette

3 Jun

Here’s a quick post for you–it’s 11:30pm on a Sunday, and I meant to post something entirely different today, but my plans were foiled by the fact that I couldn’t find the butter (the sneaky butter was hiding behind the blueberries. You know how Superman can’t see through lead? I can’t see through blueberries).

So instead I made this! You may have heard that this week was Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, and I’m an American with a lot of love for the United Kingdom and a lot of respect for Elizabeth II, so in a hasty bit of crafting I made this:

Silhouette of Elizabeth II


It’s a silhouette of Elizabeth II, cut out of black cardstock. I based it on this image, from a portrait that was taken of her in 1966–a sculpted bust based on the portrait was used on stamps. Since it’s 11:30pm I couldn’t get a very good picture, but here is one with the contrast turned up to 11, so that you can see it clearly:

Sometime in the near future I’ll be moving bedrooms (and gaining some space!) and when I do I plan to rotate all of my wall art, putting some of my pictures and posters into storage and putting up fresh things that I have been saving because I don’t have room for them. And I kind of accidentally started a collection of silhouette portraits. Ahem. I’ve always loved them, as you may remember from my tutorial, and I just happened to get several in a small space of time, from a few talented artists, so now I am apparently planning to have a silhouette wall in my new bedroom. It’ll probably be a mixture of portraits (art prints and paper cuts) from other artists, and a handful of silhouettes like this one by me.

What do you say to a queen having a Diamond Jubilee? Do you say ‘Happy Diamond Jubilee’? Or ‘Congratulations’?

How about ‘Well done, Elizabeth II’?



Wonderland Tutorials: Paper Crafts

24 Jul

This post will be two tutorials in one. Because that’s how much I love you.

White Rabbits

To have a good Mad Tea Party, you have to get into Wonderland, right?

And how do you get into Wonderland?

You follow a white rabbit. Of course.

Last year when we threw a Mad Tea for my sister’s graduation party we held it at a picnic area behind our church, out of sight of the parking lot, so I made white rabbits to lead the guests across the field to show everyone where to go. Making them couldn’t be simpler:

You will need white cardstock, a printer, scissors, glue, and skewers like these–look for them in the grilling section or with the kitchen utensils at your grocery store.

Download a rabbit silhouette. I used these–click on each image to download the full size!

Download one or both of the silhouettes, size them to fit on a single sheet of paper, then print them out on heavy white cardstock. Print two sheets for each rabbit that you want to make. Then just cut out your rabbits, sandwich a skewer in between the two sides, and glue.

Then stick your white rabbits in the grass leading to your tea party, and wait for the guests to arrive!

Chessboard Sandwich Skewers

One of my favorite touches at my Mad Tea Party was the chessboard of tea sandwiches–it looks awesome, and it was so simple to do!

I used ordinary white bread and a dark rye bread–you can use any bread as long as you have two colors!  I cut each piece into quarters–in retrospect I wish that I’d also trimmed off the crusts, but I was in a hurry.

You’ll also need a large, square tray–if you want to make a full chessboard like mine you’ll need a tray large enough to hold an 8 by 8 square. We didn’t have a square tray large enough and I was just going to set my sandwiches out on a smaller tray that was 5 by 5 sandwiches, and put my extra chesspeople on the side like cocktail skewers. Then my dad went into his magic workshop (the garage) and returned with a beautiful custom tray, just for me, cut to just the right size. Is he the best, or is he the best? I think both are correct.

But the important thing for this project is, of course, the chesspeople skewers. You’ll need toothpicks, white cardstock, glue or double-sided tape (I used glue, but tape might be less messy!), a printer, and this downloadable papercraft chess set, created by T. John Peacock, inspired by the classic Tenniel illustrations:

click on the image to go to the download

Print out the chess set on white cardstock, then cut out each piece and fold it over the end of a toothpick, gluing (or taping) it in place.

Now you’re ready to play with your food!

Craft Challenge: Bonus January Pictures!

14 Feb

The lovely Sharon sent me pictures of her (and her husband, the handsome Jason) with her January craft items!  I’m pretty much thrilled to pieces that Sharon likes her crafts (and really relieved that everything arrived safely).

Thanks, Sharon!