Elizabeth II: A Silhouette

3 Jun

Here’s a quick post for you–it’s 11:30pm on a Sunday, and I meant to post something entirely different today, but my plans were foiled by the fact that I couldn’t find the butter (the sneaky butter was hiding behind the blueberries. You know how Superman can’t see through lead? I can’t see through blueberries).

So instead I made this! You may have heard that this week was Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, and I’m an American with a lot of love for the United Kingdom and a lot of respect for Elizabeth II, so in a hasty bit of crafting I made this:

Silhouette of Elizabeth II


It’s a silhouette of Elizabeth II, cut out of black cardstock. I based it on this image, from a portrait that was taken of her in 1966–a sculpted bust based on the portrait was used on stamps. Since it’s 11:30pm I couldn’t get a very good picture, but here is one with the contrast turned up to 11, so that you can see it clearly:

Sometime in the near future I’ll be moving bedrooms (and gaining some space!) and when I do I plan to rotate all of my wall art, putting some of my pictures and posters into storage and putting up fresh things that I have been saving because I don’t have room for them. And I kind of accidentally started a collection of silhouette portraits. Ahem. I’ve always loved them, as you may remember from my tutorial, and I just happened to get several in a small space of time, from a few talented artists, so now I am apparently planning to have a silhouette wall in my new bedroom. It’ll probably be a mixture of portraits (art prints and paper cuts) from other artists, and a handful of silhouettes like this one by me.

What do you say to a queen having a Diamond Jubilee? Do you say ‘Happy Diamond Jubilee’? Or ‘Congratulations’?

How about ‘Well done, Elizabeth II’?


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